Welcome to our backflow prevention testing service page! At PRS Group Australia , we understand the critical importance of protecting your water supply from contamination. Our thorough backflow prevention testing services ensure that aged care facilities, hospitals, child care centers, and other commercial properties remain compliant with regulatory standards and maintain safe, clean water for consumption and use.

Backflow occurs when the flow of water in a plumbing system reverses, potentially allowing pollutants or contaminants to enter the public water supply. To prevent this, backflow prevention devices are installed in commercial properties to safeguard the integrity of the water system. However, these devices require regular testing to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Our team consists of skilled technicians who are highly experienced in backflow prevention testing. We utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment and follow industry best practices to detect any potential issues and verify the effectiveness of backflow prevention devices in your property.

We understand that compliance and the safety of your occupants are of utmost importance. Our comprehensive testing services include evaluating the performance of backflow prevention devices, assessing pressure differentials, and conducting detailed inspections. We meticulously document the results, provide you with clear reports, and address any necessary repairs or maintenance to keep your system in optimal condition.

Whether you operate an aged care facility, hospital, child care center, or any other commercial property, our backflow prevention testing services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We work efficiently and minimize disruption to your operations while ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

Partner with us for trusted and professional backflow prevention testing services. Contact our friendly team today to schedule an appointment or discuss your specific requirements. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and providing peace of mind, knowing that your backflow prevention systems are in safe hands with PRS Group.


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