• Solar hot water

      With our solar hot water systems, you can enjoy the benefits of both environmentally friendly and cost-effective water heating.

    • Heatpump hot water

      By harnessing the power of the sun and optimizing energy efficiency, our systems offer a remarkable opportunity to significantly reduce your energy bills and environmental impact.

    • Plumbing maintenance

      Our skilled professionals are trained to provide comprehensive hydraulic services maintenance to ensure optimal functionality, safety, and efficiency.

    • Thermostatic mixing valves

      Our annual TMV services ensure that your facilities stay compliant with regulations and provide a secure environment for your patients or residents.

    • Backflow prevention

      Our thorough backflow prevention testing services ensure that aged care facilities, hospitals, child care centers, and other commercial properties remain compliant with regulatory standards and maintain safe, clean water for consumption and use.

    • Excavations

      From blockages and water leaks to gas leaks and new service installations, our experienced team is equipped to handle all your excavation needs.

    • Legionella sampling

      Our legionella and microbial sampling services are designed to assess and mitigate the risk of bacterial contamination, including Legionella, in these systems.

    • Commercial hot water

      With our expertise, we can help you navigate the complexities of different systems, including the option for solar preheat, to bring you the most efficient and sustainable solution.

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