In 2022-23 Through our trusted partners at Rinnai, PRS Group Australia successfully completed the installation of 51 high quality Rinnai prestige 330 ltr 2 panel solar hot water system on elevated tilt frames.

This project was completed on the Fraiser Group building site in record time and with the highest quality of workmanship and expertise.

As well as generating a huge rebate from the government the end users will have no bills for heating hot water virtually 9 months of the year.


Project Type Large scale solar hot water installation
Client Rinnai Australia
Completion Date February 2023
Project Size 21 Units
Product Rinnai Prestige 330ltr stainless steel solar hot water system


  • Assist with design and lay out of supporting roof structure
  • Crane solar hot water systems onto 4 story roof
  • Construct and securely fix to roof, 45 degree tilt frames to guarantee efficiency
  • Secure tanks and panels to tilt frames
  • Installation of all required valve, associated pipes and fittings
  • Fill and commission solar hot water units
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