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As licensed plumbers and accredited thermostatic mixing valve and backflow prevention technicians, we have carried out installations and annual service repairs across NSW and QLD. While working on projects for clients such as NSW Health, The Whiddon Group and a number of local councils, we realized that the standard of documentation within the industry was lacking across the board.

For this reason, we have worked over a 24-month period with Techlabs software to develop a digital documentation process in the form of an app. This delivers digital service reports instantly, complete with images of the services in their current state, while updating a .CSV asset register in the background.

Our vision is to ultimately change the way thermostatic mixing valves and backflow prevention testing is documented in Australia. With this app we provide clients with an edge that can drastically cut down the stress of searching for paper documents during accreditation.

Have you ever gone through an audit and needed to find the service history of a particular valve but had to look through years of paper folders just for one piece of documentation?

Our exclusive software will ensure that you save time and stress during demanding periods.

We use the .CSV asset register while carying out services which then automatically updates to provide our clients with real-time data. Clients can search the easy to read spread sheet and gain critical information on any device and its current state and service history.

By simply clicking on any serviceable device, clients can bring up service reports in digital format along with images of each device.

This innovative software is exclusive to PRS Group Australia and offered to all our clients FREE OF CHARGE*. This is part of our onboarding when clients engage PRS Group Australia to carry out their next annual service.


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